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Free School Meals

Free school meals are now claimed as part of an application for eligible benefits, such as Income Support.  Parents/Carers should tick the box on the application form to state their intention to claim the meals.  Even if you do not wish to actually take up the meals, we encourage parents to tick the box, as the school receives extra funding for all pupils who are entitled to free meals which can be put towards your child’s education.

Pupils on free school meals are not differentiated in any way from other pupils.  All pupils use the same system to purchase food from the canteen. 

Currently, the amount that pupils (on free school meals) can spend each day is £2.60.  We offer a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks (including vegetarian/halal options) and are open for breakfast, break and lunch.  

All food provided meets national nutritional standards.

Free School Meals