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Parent Links

The Insight link gives parents/carers access to the following services once they have registered:

·        Live attendance marks for the day and cumulative attendance

·        Overall achievements and behaviour

·        Personal details – to keep up to date ie. changing telephone number or email address

·        Parents evenings – for booking appointments

·        School dinners – what your child has purchased and how much is left to spend

·        Timetable 

·        Attendance summary

·        Assessment data

·        Examination entries, timetables and results 


The School Gateway link gives parents/carers access to online payments. You can go on line and register or upload the app to your mobile phone.  For all other services, please access Insight.


The Parents' Information Portal (PIP) has a unique login and password (issued by the school) to give parents/carers access to progress and attendance. The live data enables parents to track their child’s movements and achievements hour by hour.

Homework and coursework assignments are also displayed on the system, so that parents can monitor the work that has been set and ensure that students stay on top of their workload.

Progress grades are available, helping parents to track their child’s current and target grades. These will be updated on a termly basis, to give a clear indication of progress. Students’ positive rewards and negative points can also be accessed on the site, keeping parents informed of their child’s behaviour and achievement.