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Logging onto useful sites:

Student log-in

Your user name is the last two numbers of year you were born, your first initial & your surname, e.g. 92fbloggs. Your teacher will tell you what the initial password is.


We are making extensive use of an educational internet site called 'Edmodo'.  This site allows us to post resources and activities for students in their individual classes.  It is a powerful way to make sure students have access to the materials being used in lessons and for their home learning tasks.

Lyng Hall has over 200 Edmodo groups assigned to subjects and extra-curricular activities across all areas of the curriculum.  Your child will already have an Edmodo account. 

Every student using Edmodo has a unique Parent Code which can be used to create a parent account, and links the parent to the student.  Once linked with a student, the parent account is automatically populated with information from all groups that their child has joined.  If a parent has multiple children using Edmodo, they should obtain the Parent Code for each student and then add a student once logged into their existing account.

Nb. Parents cannot join Groups and should not use Group Codes as this distorts our data.  If you need help or support in setting this up, please contact the school.

Useful Maths links:

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Home Learning

Video link showing students how to correctly log into the Show My Homework website

YouTube video