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If you would like to apply for a place in Year 7 for your child, you should apply to the local authority by 31 October in the year preceding the September start date.

You can find a form on the Coventry City Council website or phone them for a form on 024 7697 5445 (ask for Secondary Admissions). This is also the number for queries or concerns.


If you have not been offered a place at Lyng Hall School, you have the right of appeal against the decision not to allocate your child a place. Accepting the place you have been offered does not affect your right of appeal.

Appeals are heard by an independent panel. If you want to appeal for a place at Lyng Hall you should complete the appeal form on the local authority website. The local authority oversee the appeals process on behalf of Lyng Hall and will be able to advise re. queries.

Transition from Primary School to Lyng Hall:

Lyng Hall works closely with its feeder primary schools creating a close relationship even before the pupils start. Year 6 students follow a transition programme which allows them to reflect on their experiences at Primary School. This can include Powerpoint Demonstrations, Creative Writing, Art, Drama or Poetry. Students bring this work with them to Lyng Hall when they start and present their experiences in a celebration with other Year 7 students. We further support our new intake families by holding personal interviews during the summer term before they start (date below) giving parents and pupils the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns they may have and it gives us the opportunity to share information and news.

Lyng Hall welcomes all students on their first day with a fun and inspiring programme designed to introduce pupils to their tutors and designated member of staff.

  • Induction Day – This is a very special day when all Year 6 students in Coventry have the opportunity to explore their new schools, see their classrooms and meet up with their new teachers.
  • Individual Meetings – You will be invited to come in for a short meeting with a member of our staff to discuss your child’s transition from Primary to Secondary School and to go through all the paperwork and information about Lyng Hall.  This is your opportunity to share any information about your child that you think would be beneficial for the school to be aware of.
  • New Academic Year – During your child’s first week at Lyng Hall, you will receive a phone call from a member of staff, letting you know how your child has settled into secondary school life.  There will also be a Parents’ Evening in the first half term for you to meet with your child’s form tutor for a general discussion about the work they have completed so far and the progress they have made since joining us.
  • Mid-year transfers to Lyng Hall – Meetings are held with new pupils and their parents so that a personal programme can be developed.  Academic levels are assessed.  The relevant Pastoral Year Coordinator  will monitor the transition, attendance, punctuality and attainment of new starters.  Moreover, pupils have regular interviews to informally discuss how they have settled.  Making friends is easy with the right encouragement and Lyng Hall’s programme ensures academic and social success.