School Lunchtime

School Menu

Welcome to Lyng Hall Courtyard Dining Room We are open for service at breakfast, break and lunchtime.

We use Parentpay to top up accounts, this can be done on-line or at a local pay point (pay point can take up to 48 hours so please keep and produce the receipt) Catering staff are on hand to answer any queries about the service, dietary requirements or allergies.

Breakfast (open from 8 am) Break Lunch
Toast 25p

Bacon sandwiches – £1.10 (1/2 sandwich–55p)

Selection of fruit

Hot and cold drinks:

Hot – 70p

Spring water – 55p

Flavoured water – 75p

Flavoured milk – 55p

Orange juice/Apple juice – 55p

Snack items (e.g mini pizza, toasties, sausage roll etc) All under £1

Freshly made sandwiches – £1.25 and baguettes – £1.75

Selection of fresh fruit

Fruit pots – 55p

Hot and cold drinks

Hot main course each day(vegetarian option always available) – £1.75

Jacket potato with 2 fillings – £1.75

Pizza Slice £1.20

Salad bowls available to pre-order.  Choose from Chicken, Cheese or Tuna – £1.60

Selection of grab and go items:



Cookies – 45p

Desserts – 65p

Hot and cold drinks