School Lunchtime

Pupil Premium & Catch Up Funding

Free School Meals

Free school meals are now claimed as part of an application for eligible benefits, such as Income Support. Parents/Carers should tick the box on the application form to state their intention to claim the meals. Even if you do not wish to actually take up the meals, we encourage parents to tick the box, as your claim will directly benefit Lyng Hall School and positively contribute to your child’s education..

Pupils on free school meals are not differentiated in any way from other pupils. All pupils use the same system to purchase food from the canteen.

Currently, the amount that pupils (on free school meals) can spend each day is £2.60. We offer a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks (including vegetarian/halal options) and are open for breakfast, break and lunch.

All food provided meets national nutritional standards.

Citizens’ Advice Bureau

Trained members of school staff can offer a Citizens’ Advice Bureau information service, by appointment only, at Lyng Hall. This service provides free, confidential information on your rights, including benefits, housing, family matters, employment, debt, consumer, legal and general issues. We can give you relevant documentation and signpost you on to other agencies. To make an appointment with a member of our staff, please ring the school on 024 7672 4960 during school hours. Please be aware that you are not required to leave any details regarding your enquiry.

The Boot Fund Charity

The Boot Fund is a Coventry Charity which helps children who come from families on a low income. It aims to help those parents who might otherwise struggle to provide their children with school shoes. The basic qualifications are that the child who requires new school shoes is of school age, a regular attendee at a Coventry School and from a low income family. To apply to the Charity, parents have to complete an application form which is available from the school. This is agreed and signed by the Headteacher and then forwarded to the charity for consideration. Successful applicants are supplied with vouchers which they can exchange for shoes at a pre-arranged shoe shop. The charity is only able to offer assistance in the most needy of cases and only one child per family.