Media Studies Learning

Medi Studies

Why should you pick Creative iMedia?

iMedia is one of the most exciting courses on offer at Lyng Hall with brand new i-pad technology to assist you in your learning and prepare you to work in the world of technology. The lessons are interactive and creative to ensure that iMedia offers you a different learning experience to other courses.

How could Media help your learning in other areas?

During the course you get to grips with some of the latest technology, app’s and software that are available. This knowledge and understanding of technology can help you outside of school, in further education or in a variety of workplaces when you are older. The course requires you to undertake research, pitch your ideas and work in a team. All of these skills you learn can help your communication skills, organisation skills and research skills.

What is the course structure?

You get points for all your units of work which create your final grade. You have 4 units to complete, with 1 of these being an exam unit. You can have 2 chances to sit the exam (Year 10 & then Year 11) and complete 3 units of coursework on Comics, Designing a product & building a website.

This qualification can get you 1 GCSE!

Media is a practical based subject to allow students to engage with learning in a different way and explore there creativity. We have many students who have an interest in IT also take this course to help them in future aspirations. This course can also lead to sixth form and university course entry requirements.

What do Media Students say about the course?

“As media is something different I was a little unsure at first whether to take it as an option. However now it is my favourite lesson of the week as it allows me to be really creative and use technology’

What will I learn on the Media course?

  • Designing a comic book
  • Creating a website
  • Developing an album cover
  • Understanding how productions are made

How will I get my grades in this course?

With your coursework marks making up 75% of your overall grade, you can take your time, ask for support from your teachers and get your
best grade possible.

  • Designing a comic (25%)
  • Creating a website (25%)
  • Develop an album cover (25%)
  • Understanding how productions are made (25%)

For more information, please contact Mrs Hood