Spanish Lesson


Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language in the world, after Chinese and English. Languages are really important in the world we live in and give you great skills for the rest of your life. The internet has brought everyone much closer together so chatting, blogging and networking with people of different languages from all over the world is easy. Imagine all the other people you could communicate with and all the amazing places you could travel to or work at and all because you can speak their language. So log onto the world’s real social network and learn languages at GCSE!

What are classes like?

Language classes at GCSE are interactive, fun and full of surprises. There are lots of activities to help your listening, reading, speaking and writing. One lesson you may be learning a song to help remember some grammar, the next you could be pretending to interview a famous Spanish celebrity; watching a soap opera in Spanish, or writing your horoscope. Your progress is really noticeable, you’ll start talking more, picking up more information in the listening exercises and understanding what you read and all this in a foreign language.