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Creative Writing Workshop

Year 11 students participated in a Creative Writing Workshop that linked ideas and themes from History, English and RE. They had the amazing opportunity to engage with and reflect on some very complex ideas, delivered by two outstanding academics from Warwick University.

Prof. James Hodgkinson, who led the Workshop, was extremely impressed with the level of engagement, creativity and ideas our students put forward.  Dr. Carly Hegenbarth, who worked in a group with some of our Year 11 girls was so impressed with their ideas and intellectual curiousity, she has expressed a desire to come back and do some voluntary work in History and RE.





Lyng Hall wins the Coventry Schools' Badminton Championship - 14 December 2017.

In both the Boy’s and Girl’s categories, Lyng Hall won and earnt the right to represent Coventry schools in the Regional Championships!

Boys team: Mariu Paun, Andrei Grancea, Alex Grancea, Swaraj Kote

Girls team: Sandeep Balrey (c), Kashmala Khan, Ariene Hoyte-Sutherland, Jagoda Zygmunt

Read the attached report written by the players themselves...

Badminton Tournament report - 14 12 17


School breaks up for the Christmas break at 12.20pm on Thursday 21 December 2017.  Lunch available as usual and a number of staff available until 3pm if required.  Please contact the school if your child is not able to leave until 3pm.  


The school choir were part of the fablulous event at Coventry Cathedral last week.  Thanks to Mrs Woods for her support.


Our debating team, comprising of Julia Artewitz and Daud Ahmed, took on the skilled and experienced debaters from the prestigious Warwick School and won!

Julia and Daud stayed clam and focused and did not give in to the pressure. Julia made a fantastic opening speech which caught the opposition completely off guard, while Daud delivered the final fatal blows in his rebuttal.  Julia put the final nail in the coffin for the Warwick Team when she gave her summary speech. ‘Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen why we have won this debate, yes we have won the argument!’  Julia proudly proclaimed to the gasps of the audience followed by thunderous applause.

Many thanks to those of you who have been so supportive of our efforts. I would like to express special thanks to Mrs Burton, Mr and Mrs Smith for their positivity, encouragement and support with the Debating Society. 

Mr Ivanov


Year 7 should commence on Tuesday 05 September 2017 at 8.45am and all other years return on Wednesday 06 September 2017 at 8.45am.


The Kilimanjaro climb has begun... The two members of staff and 3 students who are attempting to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, flew out on 29 June.  This is the first of their photographs which shows the mountain from the plane.  If they are not able to send further information to us while they are there (in case of signal issues) we will update this area once they are back... 

The latest message from last night (03.07.17) was that they had successfully reached Stage 3 and today (04.07.17) would be pushing on for the highest point of the climb.  The first three days had proved to be very tiring but through sheer perseverance and determination, the Lyng Hall Team had conquered the challenges set them so far.  Some slight altitude sickness but everyone is well. 

Great News - they made it to the top - a fantastic achievement and one requiring great tenacity, strength of will (and body) and sheer determination.  Congratulations all round!!


Our annual Evening of Celebration is on Thursday 06 July 2017 from 4pm - 6pm.  A wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate pupil achievements and successes.  


Our annual Open Evening is on Tuesday 19 September 2017.  Come along and see the qualities and attributes that make Lyng Hall the unique and special place it is and the first choice for your child's education.  School is open to the public from 6.00pm to 8.00pm.


Schools in this area are working with West Midlands police to raise awareness of substance misuse. As part of this campaign, the police and their resources will be on site as part of a series of planned visits this term to support educating young people in this safeguarding issue.


Career Ready Graduation 2017 - Date for your diary - the 'Career Ready' Graduation has been booked and will take place on Thursday 11 May at St Mary's Guildhall.

Link below to events for children in Coventry during the school summer break... Coventry Summer of Sport flyer

Career Ready MasterclassSixth form students had a masterclass this week with representatives from Coventry Building Society.  The workshop covered interview techniques and expectations and the students found it very beneficial.


Swimming Gala - 01 March 2016 Well done to both the boys' and girls' teams at last week's swimming gala.  Out of the seven schools who entered, the girls came second and the boys came third.  A great achievement.


Sylwek Milewski wins National Prize We have just learned that Sylwek (Year 9) has won a national sport's report writing competition.  His entry was one of four winners from the thousands of reports that were entered nationally.  As part of his prize, Sylwek will be attending the first '6 Nations' match at Twickenham, including a meal, followed by a chance to meet and interview the rugby players.  He will be producing a report about his experience so watch this space...


Coventry University students volunteering - We are supporting 20 university students over the next 10 weeks as they come into school to work with our students as part of their various courses.  It's nice to see some of our own past students returning. 


Cafe Event - As part of our fund raising efforts for the British Heart Foundation, staff held a 'cafe event' on Wednesday 03 February.  Donations of homemade cakes and biscuits were sold with proceeds being added to our ongoing total.  Thanks to all our budding bakers.


Science Club visitors - Representatives from Rapid Vision Systems Ltd., on Humber Road in Coventry visited the Science Club this week.  They had designed, printed and donated electronic circuit boards to the school so that Science Club students could produce their own Christmas trees, complete with flashing lights.  Sale Director, Ashley Howles and Technical Manager, Glynn Hill attended one of the clubs to offer their expertise and assistance.  For some of the students it was their first experience of electronics and soldering and they thoroughly enjoyed the event.


European Language Day, 26 September - There will be a week of activities, celebrating language and culture, in the week prior to European Language Day. 

‘Intofilm’ festival from 04 - 20 November

Cinema trips on Friday 6/11/15 for TEFL and Yr7 Foundation students; Tuesday 10/11/15 for GCSE French class and Yr 8 set 1.

Week Commencing 21 September 2015 -  Celebrating languages and Culture week

Laboratory Days at Warwick University in the pipeline for Year 13 pupils

Science trip to Warwick University on 16 September 2015

Safer Internet Day on 09 February 2016

Debate Competition at Cardinal Newman School on 09 October 2015

Big Bang Event, Wednesday 15 July

Pupils were able to take part in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths workshops, including making Viking weapons. There were various stands and they had the opportunity to hold a snake and a host of different insects.  There was also a virtual rollercoaster and the chance to operate a JCB machine.

One Night Only Production, Wednesday 15 July

The school show took place on Wednesday 15 July and from the auditions, earlier in the year, 8 talented pupils were selected to perform in addition to the School Choir.  Pupils performed popular songs, songs from musicals and dances either as solo pieces or in groups, including 2 whole-cast musical/dance numbers.  Other pupils took on backstage, production or marketing and design roles. 





Events & Headlines